Dollar Tree Jackpots That Beat Home Depot (Wow!)

by Simplify

At the Dollar Tree, customers are discovering unbeatable deals on brand-new kitchen hardware, all priced at just $1.25. Kathryn, a seasoned shopper, recently spotlighted this surprising section of the store that many overlook: the tool and hardware aisle.

1. Metal drawer pulls

Kathryn drew attention to the store's metal drawer pulls, which are available in various colors and styles. Remarkably, these pulls challenge even Amazon in affordability. What's even better is that they're versatile; beyond kitchens, they can be repurposed throughout the home. She even compared a Dollar Tree drawer pull to a $6 Home Depot piece, and the similarity was striking.

Kathryn at the Dollar Tree

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2. Magnetic pickup tool

Apart from drawer pulls, Kathryn also recommended the store's magnetic pickup tool, a handy device for retrieving fallen hardware. A noteworthy DIY trick she shared was using painter's tape to measure the length of pulls, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

3. Zip Ties

Another unbeatable bargain Kathryn highlighted was the giant zip ties, perfect for securing holiday decorations around the home. She emphasized how these zip ties can be instrumental in crafting DIY ornaments like snowflake-shaped hangers, which became a viral sensation a few years back.

Kathryn also praised the store's wide range of products, from the practical (wood glue and paint brushes) to the decorative (tiles that can be adapted for ceilings or walls). She even discovered an air pump, which she tested on a soccer ball and found it to be of excellent quality.

Dollar Tree broom hangers

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  • Sue56038285 Sue56038285 on Oct 16, 2023

    Love your video. Hope my dollar tree has the items you showed. Have been using the scissors for years. I use them in the kitchen, garden, and crafts.

  • Kris Hitaffer Kris Hitaffer on Oct 21, 2023

    I love watching your videos, you make me smile! I love exploring the Dollar Tree.

    I have an organizing and decluttering business and I love all of your ideas.