This Cabin Tiny House in the Woods is All About Financial Freedom

by Simplify

Luke and Meg are a couple who wanted to enjoy financial freedom, homegrown food, and nature which is why they ultimately decided to build a cabin tiny house out in the woods. Drawn in by the idea of living a quiet, simple lifestyle, Luke began constructing the 220-square-foot tiny cabin five years ago, then Meg moved in a year and a half ago.

Building a cabin in the woods

Interestingly enough, when learning how to build a low-cost cabin of their own, using salvaged material came quite naturally. And not only did it save a lot of money over time, but salvaged materials gave the tiny home cabin an incredible amount of added character as well.

Meg says that the open shelving, lighting, and counter space make cooking in their cabin tiny house a really enjoyable experience. Plus, they have enough space to store plenty of dry goods, a large bookshelf to meet their reading needs, and a double bed that also has enough storage space underneath it for all of their clothing.

And while the function of this space is certainly important, their tiny cabin interior is aesthetically pleasing as well. It has a unique rustic charm that feels very warm and welcoming.

Moreover, they have an outhouse with a composting toilet on their property and are also hooked up to a well and the electrical grid. In combination with their pot belly wood stove and an outdoor cast iron tub for bathing, they can live comfortably in their cabin tiny house all year long.

Cabin tiny house

To stay well-fed, they have raised bed gardens and a hothouse for starter plants. Lastly, they purchased a used metal building online that they now use for a music studio and as a place for guests to sleep just outside their cabin tiny house.

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