This Stunning Tiny Beach Home is Located by the Sea Near Melbourne

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This stunning example of a tiny beach home is located in Australia, in a small seaside village near Melbourne.

The tiny beach shack was designed as a nature and mental health retreat for artists and writers, and that is reflected throughout the decor, starting with the exterior. The walls of the home serve as a canvas for a giant painting, turning it into a work of art surrounded by trees. The exterior is made of non-combustible materials, with fiber cement sheet cladding, because the home is located in a bushfire zone.

The tiny home is located by the seaside outside Melbourne

Due to the shack's small size, the architect designed it so that each space has an overlapping function. They achieved this by creating comfortable built-in furniture and storage that delineates the different areas and can have more than one use. For example, the custom-designed dining banquette can fold out to become a double bed.

In this video, the architect takes you on a tour and explains how they designed this artist retreat tiny home by the beach:

The tiny beach home’s owners only wanted the essentials: a living space and basic kitchen, a bathroom, and a place to sleep and rest.

That is because the highlight is not what is inside of the home, but rather, the outside beauty that lies on its doorstep: beautiful trees and the beach. An outdoor deck allows residents to take in the views; it is made of rusted metal that reacts and turns orange in response to the salty seaside air, merging into the environment over time.

The bathroom has both inside and outside access, with space-saving sliding doors, allowing residents to go straight to the bathroom when coming in from a day at the beach, so you can wash up and get the sand out of your hair before coming into the house.

Tiny beach home

It is this and other thoughtful details that make this tiny home on the beach truly unique.

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