Take a Tour of This Stunning A-Frame Tiny Treehouse

by Simplify

This stunning tiny treehouse in Quebec, Canada, overlooks the St. Lawrence River.

The tiny house treehouse is only 200 square feet, but its elegant and thoughtful design helps to maximize the space. The house is built on an A-frame, 40 feet above ground height, making it the same height as the trees.

Because the house is located in an earthquake zone, the architects took special care with the foundations, drilling 30 feet into the ground, and using steel stilts and the structure of a 40-stair staircase and a bridge that led to the cabin to keep it stable.

Building an A-frame tiny treehouse

The home is meant to be a short-term rental unit rather than a place for long-term living. It’s equipped with a basic, functional kitchen, and a tiny bathroom with a sink and toilet. There is also a separate shower, which is located in the open-plan living space/bedroom, with glass doors, so that it’s fully integrated into the space and doesn’t add unnecessary walls that would make it feel smaller.

The tiny treehouse is full of unique touches. Many of the interior elements were made in the architect’s workshop. For example, they made a special mold for the door to give it a curved shape and continued the curves and circles theme throughout the home, even carving circular drawer handles for the kitchen pantry.

The architects also paid a lot of attention to lights, which really create a mood for the space. They put a variety of lighting options throughout the home, including integrated dimmer lighting on the headboard of the bed and two skylights for natural light. They also added underfloor heating for those cold Canadian winters.

Tiny treehouse

This beautiful tiny house treehouse uses a compact space to create a natural oasis.

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