How a Veteran Tiny Home Community is Helping Homeless Vets

by Simplify

Tiny house neighborhoods are popping up all around the country. In an effort to provide affordable housing options to singles and families alike, these intentional communities show us just how easy it is to turn a small house into a home while also turning neighbors into family.

And this veteran tiny home community in Kansas City illustrates how a simple tiny house community concept can give hope to a number of homeless veterans.

Home with American flags

Wanting to tackle a huge problem in a very creative way, the homeless veteran housing project this team developed is now complete with 49 tiny homes ready and waiting for occupancy.

Built in a variety of colors and adorned with American flags, these veteran tiny homes feel like they belong in any neighborhood in the US. And they provide homeless veterans with a renewed sense of autonomy.

Specifically designed to be both low impact on the environment and efficient, each veteran tiny home in this community was stick built on a concrete slab, outfitted with all of the utilities, and many of them are even situated around a cute little cul de sac they poured.

Inside, basic furniture pieces are already in place. And the veterans who stay here are able to keep all of these furniture pieces if they decide to move out in the future since they are being gifted to them. As one veteran moves out, another one can be moved in as quickly as 72 hours later.

With plenty of space for a bed, desk, table, and tv, the living area is quite comfortable even though these homes are just over 200 sq ft.

Even better though, this veteran tiny home community also features a 5,000 sq ft community center which includes a doctor’s office, dental office, veterinary clinic, barbershop, a training kitchen, and a fellowship hall.

Veteran tiny home community

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  • Carol de la Fuente Carol de la Fuente on Feb 24, 2023

    This is soo wonderful to see for our veterans!!! Wish that all of them could have access to homes like these. May God bless them all and thanks to all of them for their service. May God bless all who are helping to make homes like these and other programs available to all of our veterans. ♥️♥️♥️