What are the top 10 best items to buy at Dollar Tree? Even with Dollar Tree needing to raise prices a bit over this past year they are still one of our favorites. We shop at Dollar Tree monthly to help keep our budget under control. The key to a successful budget in many ways is to not overspend unnecessarily and so even our Dollar Tree spending needs to be managed wisely since every dollar adds up.

Top Ten Best Items To Buy At Dollar Tree

So what are our top 10 best items to buy at Dollar Tree? What items do we faithfully shop for at Dollar Tree which help us to stretch our money and spend less overall?

Below is a list of my favorite items that Dollar Tree carries that always end up in my shopping cart on a visit to Dollar Tree.

Birthday, Anniversary & Thank You Cards

These cards are usually 2 for $1.25 which is so much cheaper than almost anywhere for these types of cards. They may not be the most expensive cards yet they are always quality cards and have a wide variety to choose from. Dollar tree has many other types of cards available for all occasions. For my family, we find birthday and Anniversary cards are the ones that I usually need to stock up on from Dollar Tree.

Gift bags, gift boxes, and wrapping paper

I buy a lot of gift wrapping supplies at Dollar Tree before the holidays especially. If you are looking to save money this holiday season remember to stop in around November to start stocking up on gift wrap supplies. Dollar Tree has this year round but the closer they get to the Holidays the selection is picked over. Dollar Tree has a bit of everything for your gift wrap needs from gift bags, gift boxes, tissue paper, ribbons and bows, gift tags, tape, or even rolls of wrapping paper they seem to have it all. Keep in mind another great way to save even more on gift wrapping supplies is to recycle and reuse bags and boxes that are undamaged after the first use. Just save these for next year and the amount of gift wrap supplies you will need to purchase next time will be much smaller.

Ink Pens

Working from home requires a lot of ink pens on hand. I have found the R2 roller ball pens that Dollar Tree always carries which are now my favorites. These R2 Roller pens come in a 2 pack which are sold in blue or black ink and, these write very smoothly and last quite a while. I really like the selection of Ink Pens that Dollar tree and I believe they have quality pens that will work for your needs.

Toothpaste & Toothbrushes

The selection of health and beauty items available at Dollar Tree has greatly increased over the years. A few of the items that I really appreciate they sell are toothbrushes and toothpaste. The selection of toothbrushes and toothpaste is not small either they sell many name brands and types for both adults and children. The sizes available are not just trial sizes either for this price they are decent size packages that last a while.

We appreciate Colgate & Crest toothpaste and Reach toothbrushes the most because these are the brands we have always typically used. Dollar Tree has all the brands we recognize plus an awesome brand for kids of toothbrushes called Firefly and these are always a hit with my daughter.

Health and Beauty Products

Dollar Tree has some really great name-brand health and beauty care, makeup, and makeup tools. Dollar Tree often has a variety of brands they seem to cycle through at different times depending on what is available. I believe these items are often closeout items and may be discontinuing production of these items. I love the selection of lip balms for gift giving or even for myself. Another favorite item that I always buy here is the round cotton pads which I use to clean off my makeup. Dollar Store sells a decent size package of these cotton rounds that I find are just as good as any others I have purchased before.

Baby and Toddler items

Dollar Tree is one of my main stores for Baby and Toddler items. I go through so many of their Stuffy Nose Wipes that I probably buy at least 1 package a week. In comparison to the name brand, stuffy nose wipes in the stores which cost at least $5 a pack these are such a big money saver for us. We also use the kid’s baby soap/shampoo from Arm and Hammer and my daughter has no skin issues when we use this brand. Dollar tree also sells some baby food, cups, plates, plastic forks and spoons, baby wipes, bibs, baby blankets, socks, hair barrettes/bows, pacifiers, bottle brushes and so much more. For just over a dollar a piece these items make great baby shower gift items and items for your own baby or toddler.

Pregnancy Tests

My doctor has advised that these pregnancy tests are just as good as the expensive brand-name tests. Why overspend on a name-brand test if you do not need to? It is easy for a young woman to spend a small fortune on pregnancy tests over the years so why not give these a try for just over a dollar each?

Dish soap & Cleaning products

I really appreciate the selection of dish soaps that my local Dollar Tree carries. The name-brand dish soap at Dollar Tree comes in the brands I trust they have at my local Dollar Tree. My favorite that they carry more recently is Palmolive Oxy and Dawn gentle clean. Be sure to compare prices at your other favorite stores though because sometimes with coupons or deals at grocery stores I have found these slightly cheaper in the same size or larger elsewhere.

The selection of quality cleaning products far surpassed what I expected to find at Dollar Tree. The sizes are not always huge but if you need a cleaning product and do not need a lot of it this is a great place to buy these types of products on a budget. The cleaning products for your car such as wipes and cleaning sprays for the car interior can also be found here often in a size that doesn’t take up too much room in your vehicle.

Party Decorations

If you have an upcoming party to plan for Dollar Tree should be your first stop for party décor. Trust me! If you are a teacher, daycare worker, Sunday school teacher, or someone who enjoys decorating for each holiday, the decorations at Dollar Tree rarely disappoint. Dollar tree has all sorts of cute and creative décor for every occasion. The Dollar Tree can really help save your budget on party items for your next special occasion.

Surprises, Toys, and Gifts for Kids

My daughter has been a challenge to potty-train like many toddlers can be. One way that many parents like to tackle potty training is with stickers, stamps, or small awards for going potty. Dollar Tree has a great aisle of toys, games, dolls, stickers, collaring books, crayons and so much more. My daughter just got the adorable tea set shown in the photo here at the dollar tree and she just loves it. Why pay more when kids love some of this stuff just as much?

***Bonus Item***

Paper Products

Paper plates & napkins are occasionally a great buy at Dollar Tree. If you are on a budget paper products are often one of the first items you eliminate from your budget. However, we often have a need for these items for parties, picnics, or other special events. Dollar Tree does have a great selection especially colorful ones for your parties. We do purchase napkins here often but as for the other paper products we either buy them in large amounts at Costco or we only buy them rarely. Even if it is a rare occasion that we purchase most paper products within our budget, Dollar Tree is our first stop whenever we need these items.

Where is the closest Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree is a great store to shop for all sorts of things when you are on a budget. that you often cannot easily afford otherwise. You can find so many things from grocery items to batteries at these stores for a great savings. I love the fact that for just over one dollar I can get things that I need and would spend at least double the amount if not more at typical retailers. If you have a very limited budget and you only have a small amount to spend at the store, I suggest working this dollar store into your shopping routine if there is one in your local area. I did just find out that Dollar Tree actually has a website as well, so if you are interested you can check them out here and even see if there is one in your area using the store locator feature here.

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