Try These Smart Small Kitchen Organization & Storage Hacks

by Simplify

Do you have small kitchen organization on the brain? Since there are so many options out there nowadays, it can be overwhelming, to say the least.

But, Kallie Branciforte knows which projects are worth it and which projects are not when it comes to kitchen organization ideas in smaller spaces. And she’s here to steer you in the right direction should you need it.

According to Kallie, learning how to organize kitchen cabinets by photo inspiration is all fine and well; however, most kitchens you’ll see online surely don’t resemble your own.

That’s why she’s prepared to show you the kitchen cabinet organizers and kitchen drawer organizers that work in any size space—not just the giant ones you’ll see all over Pinterest.

To make the most out of your kitchen organization, Kallie says it's time to get clever and think practically about the kitchen you actually have at home.

Many people have a limited amount of cabinets and drawers to work with, so they have to be creative when storing all of their dishes, pots, pans, appliances, and kitchen gadgets.

Small kitchen

First up, Kallie recommends buying some stackable pot holders, a meal planning binder for paper storage, and metal baskets—which you can attach to the inside of your cabinet doors to hold things like oven mitts, hand towels, and plastic food storage bags.

You can also use self-adhesive hooks with mini baskets hanging from them to hold sponges, washcloths, cleaning products, and bags of dishwasher pods in the most convenient locations.

Next up, Kallie suggests you find the right drawer organizers for your home. Drawer organizers help you create structure in spaces that didn’t originally have any. Her favorite drawer organizers are the adjustable spring-loaded ones. She says to check the minimum and maximum widths and heights before buying them.

And another tip she shares for small kitchen organizations is to start labeling.

Small kitchen organization hacks

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