Inside a Dome Home in the Woods With a Luxurious Bathhouse

by Simplify

In the last couple of years, you’ve surely heard of tiny homes. They’ve become so popular, after all, because they’re an incredibly affordable option for anyone who doesn’t want to be saddled down with a huge house payment.

But the real question is, have you ever heard of a dome home? Dome homes are a really cool type of tiny house with some pretty impressive structural features. And once you see inside dome homes for the very first time, it’s hard not to want one of your own.

Dome construction

And that’s why Tiny House Expedition visited Evan and Sam, a couple from the Pacific Northwest, who live in a 30-foot dome home located in the pristine wooded setting of their dreams.

Due to their mutual love of hiking and camping together, Evan and Sam decided that an alternative living option like a dome home was exactly the affordable housing solution they were looking for. In fact, their dome home interior has 15-foot ceilings with big bay windows and a huge skylight, perfect for seeing the great outdoors any time of day or night.

Their dome home floor plans were designed specifically for a geodesic dome with 700 square feet of living space built on a post and beam platform made out of treated lumber. In addition to the dome itself, their property also has a composting outhouse, a bathhouse, and an outdoor shower.

Surprisingly, with all of these impressive features, their dome home cost still only added up to $16,000 for the kit they purchased, making for a grand total of around $35,000 for all of the structures on their property.

Inside dome homes

After seeing the inside of dome homes themselves, it’s no wonder people find them to be such a great alternative housing option nowadays.

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To see more videos, check out the Tiny House Expedition YouTube channel.

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