Living the Bus Life: Incredible Tiny Home Tour

by Simplify

Knowing that alternative retirement plans had always been a dream of theirs, Chris and Karen purchased an old school bus, refurbished it to their liking, and now live in a home on wheels. They lovingly call it Chasing Horizons.

While living in a school bus might not sound like the perfect way to live out your golden years, in particular, Chris and Karen say that bus life now affords them the opportunity to travel around the country just like they always wanted to do.

Their bus life adventure sometimes includes a guest or two. So, they built-in a long bench seat that converts into a full size bed plus a comfortable loveseat in the living area.

And, to keep things extra cozy as guests relax or sleep, Chris installed a heating unit in that space as well. With lots of underseat storage for things like extra linens and dog toys, the couple were able to make the most of the room they had available to them.

Not to be outdone by the living area, the kitchen is quite impressive too. With live edge wood countertops made out of ash and black oak, white cabinetry, and an open shelving system, Chris and Karen have a surprising amount of space to cook.


They were also able to fit a 10 cu ft refrigerator, portable washing machine, hot water heater, and a gas stove that doubles as a heater. Plus, they have a pull out dining room table that neatly tucks away into the cabinetry.

With a bathroom large enough for a vanity, Nature’s Head composting toilet, and bathtub, Chris and Karen enjoy many of the comforts of home. And Karen often soaks after a long day of travel.

Lastly, bus life for Chris and Karen includes having a bedroom spacious enough for a large bed, with room to walk on either side, and a small closet.

Bus life

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