Take a Look Around This Tiny Home for a Disabled Senior

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In this video, Jenna from Tiny Tours goes on a tour of Corinne’s tiny home. Corinne built a tiny house suited for her disability that she calls Angel’s Haven. Corinne moved from a bungalow in Kansas City into an RV park in the California Delta Bay. She loves living here.

Corinne’s home has a large porch, filled with greenery and a small garden. She likes standing on her porch and watching the hawks, coyotes, and other wildlife in the area, or chatting with neighbors in her tiny home community.

The outside of the house has a rustic look, with variations in the cedar wood, because she let it cure for a year before applying sealant.

Inside the tiny home, built for Corinne’s needs as a person with disabilities, Corinne used a non-traditional decoration style. For example, she kept the huge secretary piece from her traditional home. It’s a family heirloom that belonged to her mother-in-law.

She also has tiles from her childhood home in the bathroom backsplash, and photos and memorabilia adorning her bedroom.


To get to her bedroom loft, Corinne uses accessible stairs designed for her disability. The bedroom has a low ceiling, but Corinne likes sleeping there. The sitting room is also designed for her height, with a low ceiling. Corinne also has a washer, dryer, composting toilet, and a small closet in her tiny home.

Corinne’s tiny home for disabilities has an interesting backstory. After Corinne decided to make a radical life change, she closed her law practice and drove across the country.

In Missouri, she passed a tiny home that had been converted into a bakery. Corinne was fascinated. After learning that the bakery owner’s husband had built the home, Corinne hired the husband to build her home as well.

She calls her home Angel’s Haven and has a mural of an angel sitting by a river, under a willow tree, painted on the outside cupboard in the back. The mural is inspired by the song “Broke Down Palace” by The Grateful Dead, which was played at her brother’s memorial service.

Inside the cupboard, there is room for a future electric panel hookup and storage for solar panels. Corinne dreams of going off-grid someday, but for now, she loves the tight-knit community.

Corinne gets her electricity and water from the RV park that she lives in, where she pays 800 dollars a month for rent, water, and sewage. She leases her propane as well, because it’s too heavy to carry, with her disability.

Tiny home for a disabled senior

Corinne loves living tiny. She likes the cozy feeling of being in a small space. How would you customize a tiny house? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Mindy Mindy on Dec 12, 2022

    I have envisioned something like this, however I do not have much money. I would love to have a tiny home.

    • Alicia Alicia on Dec 18, 2022

      Same here, would love to have one , money to afford that including utilities n other stuff.